Template:Theme Infobox Theme 1-1 (AKA Pig's House) is the first level of Angry Birds The Original and Angry Birds Chrome, and is also the simplest of any of the other levels in the game.

It contains a single Small Pig that must be destroyed, and to demolish the structure filled with Wood blocks and two Ice blocks. The player has 3 birds to deal with the small pig. These Birds are all Red, since the player just started the game, of which only one is needed to take down the entire building and the Pig to gain 5000 points and to move onto Theme 1-2.

Three Star StrategyEdit

  • While one shot on the wooden structure collapses it, a Red Bird must be shot in a precise location, which is the long horizontal wood block directly underneath the Small Pig, to juice up at least 12,000 points. The two unused birds then adds an additional 20,000 points to the score, resulting score over 32,000 points. Though this is the basic technique to win three stars, but numerous times of trial are needed to actually reach the target score.

Video WalkthroughEdit

See Theme 1-1/Video Walkthrough.

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